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Sunrise Pier Wins Fourth Place

Sunrise Pier, Amelia Island, Florida

Sunrise Pier, Amelia Island, Florida

At the January Photo Review for RPS, Mark Alberhasky a Nikon-sponsored photographer, selected my Sunrise Pier image for Fourth Place in the Digital Category. Each month, RPS holds a photo review where a photo-professional is brought in to critique all submissions and then select First through Fourth and Honorable Mention awards.  The theme in January was Open (Vintage) which means that any photo taken by the individual in their lifetime was eligible for submission.  As I recall, there were over 40 images submitted in the digital category that evening.

Sunrise Pier was captured back in early December on a trip to Amelia Island Florida. Two co-workers and I arose early one morning to drive a couple of miles to the pier and begin to shoot the pier and its surrounding area while the sun arose.  This was one of my last shots of the morning and I had placed the camera low-to-ground (on a tripod) and the waves were actually washing over the tripod legs. This allowed the camera to capture the interesting bubbles in the foreground and through a long exposure create some softer texture and colors mid way through the image. The silhouetted pier against the vibrant colors of the horizons really cap off this image.

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