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Piedmont Park and Atlanta Skyline

Piedmont Park and Atlanta Skyline

I haven’t shot Piedmont Park since January 2009 so I’ve been planning a return visit for a few months. I decided to give tonight a try because daylight savings time just ended, the trees are still full of leaves and I knew the office lights would be shining bright once the sun set.

Although there was no spectacular color in the sky and no visible clouds I still made the most of the situation and scouted locations in a couple of weeks when the trees will be at peak. I decided to turn this into a B&W, which I think makes it more serene anyway. I like to think of the park as ‘Central Park of the South’ because of the skyline backdrop to the beautiful park setting.

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Sunflower Farm

Summer is definitely here and one place that is quickly becoming part of my summer routine is the Sunflower Farm out in Rutledge, Georgia. This beautiful farm has a field of sunflowers that is breathtakingly beautiful. Not only are there several acres of sunflowers, but there is a good variety or types of sunflowers as well.

Soft Yellow Sunflower

Soft Yellow Sunflower

In addition to the sunflower field, the farm has a gorgeous wildflower garden, vintage tractors, an historic farm cottage and a planting cottage. All of which make for a beautiful setting to capture photos.

I photographed this particular flower because it was a lighter, softer, hue of yellow. It reminded me of an antique or vintage look. It’s difficult to tell scale in this photo but it was smaller, maybe about the size of an adult hand. I like how the sharp lines and detail of the flower are contrasted with the blown-out and soft background.

You can view more photographs from my Sunflower Farm visits on my Flickr account.

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Totem Pole

On August 19th, 2011, I had the opportunity to document the removal of a totem pole that was located at a building inMarietta, Georgia.  When Tom Cousins built 2500 Windy Ridge Parkwayin the Wildwood office park, he commissioned the totem pole to be installed as a token to the Native Americans. Recently, Cousins decided to donate the totem pole to the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville,Georgia and so the removal was planned and scheduled.

The totem pole was in the back of the 2500 building and could be viewed from multi-level dining area and outdoor patio. The pole was pretty tall, I suspect 35-40 feet. A couple of trees were downed in order to allow the large machine access to the pole. All in all, it took about four hours, two engineers and three tree lumberjacks to remove the totem pole and rest it on the back of a truck. The totem pole will undergo some restoration before it is placed in the museum. You can view the complete series of events through 53 photographs on this site.

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Goodbye Old Barn

Caney's Chicken BarnOn the drive home from work this past Friday, I turned onto Caney Road, rounded the first curve and I realized that my barn

was gone.  I gasped as I looked at the vacant spot where it once stood. No, I don’t own a barn, but it felt like it was mine as I have captured it many times with my camera over the years.

I have know that its demise was imminent for quite some time but my heart sank nonetheless. A couple of  years ago Forsyth County purchased the land for green space and the old chicken barn would be a casualty of the re-purposed land.  In fact, as best as I can recall, the barn hadn’t been used since we moved into our nearby home in early 2001.

The barn provided for several good images over the years and I grew fond of it because I admired its quiet, almost forgotten beauty nearly every time I drove by.  I have aptly named it “Caney’s Chicken Barn” as it sits along Caney Road and I’m pretty sure it was used for chickens over the years based on its shape and size.  It enjoyed how the metal roof would be crinkled by heavy winds and the owner would somehow bend them back down within a few days. The pasture land around the barn would grow thick and green and then it would turn golden as the grass matured. The farmer would cut the grass, bale it up and it would start another cycle.

Progress is fine and I understand why it needed to go. It had certainly begun falling in on itself this past year from neglect. Both ends of the roof had fallen considerably the last time I photographed the barn the day after Christmas 2010 when it was covered in a beautiful blanket of snow.



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Georgia Apple Festival of Ellijay

The Georgia Apple Festival of Ellijaybegins in October, but Shelly and I took the opportunity to visit the city of Ellijay and one of the apple orchards this past weekend. This was our attempt to beat the rush of thousands of Atlantan’s converging on this small town and its apple orchards.

Ellijay Apples

Ellijay Apples at Hillcrest Farms

Last year, about twenty miles east of Ellijay, we crept along Highway 52 as the rural highway and its non-traffic light intersections were not made for the onslaught of thousands of vehicles. Lesson learned.

This year I’m happy to report that the drive was uneventful and we had no difficulty parking at either location. Our first stop was at Hillcrest Orchards, the first orchard you encounter driving west from Dawsonville. Last year we stopped at this orchard on the way back and discovered their delicious, warm, made-to-order, hot apple donuts. Simply delicious. We returned for the same this year and browsed through their mini-market with fresh apples, cider, baked goods, honey, sweet potatoes, etc. Hillcrest appears to be the largest and busiest of the several orchards along the way, but we have not stopped at any others to do a fair comparison.

We walked through a number of shops in downtown Ellijay and had lunch at Wolf Creek Canyon BBQ Company. The shops are well-stocked and offer a typical variety of new, ‘antiques’, home decor, and country fare. While we missed out on the additional craft and food booths at the fair grounds, it was a beautiful day and a beautiful drive . Check out the festival, you won’t be disappointed!

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