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Sunflower Farm

Summer is definitely here and one place that is quickly becoming part of my summer routine is the Sunflower Farm out in Rutledge, Georgia. This beautiful farm has a field of sunflowers that is breathtakingly beautiful. Not only are there several acres of sunflowers, but there is a good variety or types of sunflowers as well.

Soft Yellow Sunflower

Soft Yellow Sunflower

In addition to the sunflower field, the farm has a gorgeous wildflower garden, vintage tractors, an historic farm cottage and a planting cottage. All of which make for a beautiful setting to capture photos.

I photographed this particular flower because it was a lighter, softer, hue of yellow. It reminded me of an antique or vintage look. It’s difficult to tell scale in this photo but it was smaller, maybe about the size of an adult hand. I like how the sharp lines and detail of the flower are contrasted with the blown-out and soft background.

You can view more photographs from my Sunflower Farm visits on my Flickr account.

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