Red Barn Door, Fort Wayne, INWheat and Silos, Fort Wayne, INAmish Wildflower Garden, Fort Wayne, INWinter Sunrise on Indiana Farm, Fort Wayne, INRed Barn, Whitley County, INPurple Clover, Whitley County, INSoybeans and Barns, Columbia City, INFortWayneJuly4th-7331.jpg

I grew up on the edge of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Head west from my childhood home and you would quickly find yourself among subdivisions, schools and shopping centers. Head east and you would come across fields, farms, and beautiful barns.

My brother and I used to ride our bikes through the farm country and I have wonderful memories of our travels and encounters. There was a time in my life when I would minimize my relationship to these fields and barns, quick to tell people that there was “more than corn in Indiana!” I believe you will find a part of me in these pictures that I am now proud to display. There is a beauty that I see in the fields of corn, soybeans, and wheat. The barns, flanked by tall grain silos reaching toward the sky, whisper of a life filled with hard work and long days.

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