Mark Walter

Mark Walter

Mark Walter

“How long have you been taking pictures?” is a common question and one that takes more than a 30-second elevator pitch.

Early Years

My first camera was a Kodak Ektralite with tiny 110 film. My parents purchased the camera for me for our first trip to the Atlantic Ocean. Later, as my skills improved and my fascination with photography grew, my father allowed me to use his compact 35mm camera.

I began honing my photography skills in high school with the purchase of my first SLR. I was able to take a semester of photography in high school, which included processing film and making prints in a darkroom. My eye for composition helped me receive recognition in both high school and college.

Digital Age

After many years of pretty much laying the camera down (except for the usual holiday and vacation photos), my passion for photography was reignited with the purchase of a digital SLR in January 2007. Shortly after, I began sharing my photos with family and friends via email and began building a following.  Making art prints, conducting workshops, and some commercial success followed. All of it led to this website where I share my work with the world.

I have been actively participating in the Roswell Photographic Society since 2007, with images selected for several monthly review awards and club-sponsored juried shows. I also administer the club’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, opening the club to the social media world in 2010. I was elected as Social Media Director of the club in 2011 and currently serve in that capacity in 2012. I was awarded “Volunteer of the Year” for 2011.

My photography tends to gravitate to landscape, macro/close-ups and city scenes, but I also enjoy abstract, architecture, and concerts/events.

Want to Know More?

There is more to me than photography. I enjoy spending time with family and friends; taking care of my shihtzu Sophie; drinking Starbucks coffee on a regular basis; attending church; and watching HGTV, Food Network, Project Runway, and almost any reality TV show. I’m a car enthusiast who reads/subscribes to multiple magazines/websites, and I enjoy tinkering with my 1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE that is in near-pristine condition.

I enjoy working around our home and I read several blogs on a daily basis.